Website Design

Studio Inura WebSolutions creates customized websites. We adapt our designs to your wishes. Together with you, we look for the right solutions for your website and we translate your ideas into a beautiful, functional and contemporary design.

Our work method


Together with you we make a plan for your site. We will show you several examples of websites from which you can choose the one you like  the most. You can also come up with your own examples of websites, own images, texts. At first we decide together what kind of look your website should have. Simple and business-like or maybe striking and colorful, static or with content that responds to what visitors do on the page: everything is possible. After that we discuss what features the site has to have and what parts it should contain, such as pages, menus, blog, shop, gallery, audio and video players, animations, guestbook etc. As a result a method and plan to get started with your website will be established.

Action plan

Your website will be build on the open source WordPress management system which is easy to handle. The WordPress allows you to use  and manage your website as easy as possible. That the technique behind your website, is excellent you may take for granted. Our goal is to develop user-friendly websites that are aesthetically nice and technically developed according to the latest trends.


We don’t know any. We are looking for the solutions untill the problem will be solved.